British Gymnastic Championships 2018

I was very lucky to get tickets for two days of the British Gymnastic Championships, 2018 in Liverpool. The event was very well organized and so much to watch at times my head was spinning from apparatus to apparatus!

Having always been a fan of gymnastics, it was amazing to witness first-hand the incredible agility, strength, skill and flexibility required to perform on each different set of apparatus.

It was brilliant to watch the younger gymnasts perform in the morning, and fantastic to see so much talent coming through from the junior ranks, such depth in British gymnastics was wonderful to observe.

Nile Wilson was a definite favourite with the crowd; there were lots of cheers and shouts whenever he performed. He is such an engaging character and a real asset to the British team; he definitely loves his gymnastics and wants to share his enthusiasm for his sport with others, which is great to see. He was in exceptional form at the Championships and that was without doubt a spring board to the Commonwealth Games, where he went on to win a wonderful haul of medals.

Whilst observing all the gymnasts’ performances, it was obvious when they are pushing hard for that faultless execution of a routine; there is a fine line between perfection and failure!

An amazing experience!

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